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all about me

Hi, I'm Brie!

I'm the face behind the brand Happily Brie! I created Happily Brie as an outlet for my creativity and a way to connect with people just like you. 

A little bit about how I got here. I currently am working as an IT Business Analyst, where I get to blend my analytical brain with my love for people. While I was working towards my Information Systems degree and starting my career, I realized how much I missed painting and drawing. After a 4 year hiatus and a global lockdown, I decided to pick up the pen and paper again. Since 2020, I've been consistently back creating art.  

You might be wondering who is Brie anyway? Well, I am a lover of Taylor Swift, dogs, ACTOR and any Taylor Jenkins Reid book. I am an extrovert and love getting to know everyone. I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with my husband. I recently began golf lessons and joined a sand volleyball league. I play the piano and aspire to play the guitar. I have many interests and can’t seem to keep still for too long. 

The most important part about me that you should know is, above all my interests and hobbies, art is my one true passion. Nothing will ever make me feel the way I feel creating. The amount of joy it brings me to paint for someone and see the smile it brings to their face is indescribable. For me, art is how I express the love of our families, friends, pets. It’s meaningful because it’s all about connection and taking time to be grateful for those in our lives that mean the most to us. 

Cherish those who make your heart smile

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